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What We Do For Creators

We provide tools, promotions, and technical expertise to make sure your project becomes a success.

Graphics & Audio

From graphic design to audio mastering, we'll help you create an immersive experience for your users.

Multi-Platform Builds

Built an app for one OS? Let us take care of the rest. Build once and release to all platforms: Android, iOS, PC, Linux, and MacOS

Promotions & Distribution

You've built something awesome, that's why we need to tell the world about it. Let's make sure your app gets a proper audience.

Whatever the size or platform,
your project has a home at Nine Kites.

Sell Your Designs

With so many graphic designers competing in the same market, it's not enough to have a great design. We're here to make sure your work reaches the right audience and convert them to sales.

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Launch Your Apps

The journey from launch to a million downloads could take forever. When you combine your great idea with the right marketing tools, your app's success is just around the corner.

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Freelance Opportunities

We have a steady stream of projects from partner developers in addition to our in-house creations. We're constantly in need of the following:

Graphic Designer - Illustrator - Animator

Create GUI, backgrounds, characters, and sprite animation for games.


Android / iOS Designer - Developer

Design and build complete Android and iOS apps using Javascript, C++, and Java.


Audio Units Plugin Developer for MacOS

Develop and compile AU FX Plugins to be used in Digital Audio Workstations.


Creative Community

Join our official forum - built for creatives like you.

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